Your Expat Coach Online

A relatable Coach: as an expat working online, I have lived the same highs and lows of living overseas. 

Where it started

100% born and bred Italian. 

Pasta, exaggerated hand gestures and culture are my essentials.


Studied English & German for International Commerce because I thought Business was my only option.


An Expat in Business

At 24, and with no job offers, I migrated to Berlin and co-founded a Start-Up in the Wine industry. That, I thought, was my calling.


To sustain the precarious income of a Start-Up, I took up a waitressing job paying €5 an hour. Peanuts!


An Expat out of Business

Flew one-way to New Zealand, didn’t break into the local wine industry. Thus, started from Square 1.

I landed a job in Hospitality – which I disliked with a passion. I started a course in Biz Management and random shifts at a local wine bar. 


A second try to Entrepreneurship

While working full-time as Delivery Manager for a Coaching business, I launched my Boutique Wine import in New Zealand. 

In short, my 9pm to 5pm turned into 8am to 10pm!


An expat Coach locked down

Covid hit and I got stranded in New Zealand. With my main distribution channel (restaurants) closed, I realised 


Moreover, my Family was out-of-reach with borders closed, seeing friends only online, and I didn’t even have a sport/hobby to take me out of the house!

So, I started a journey of self-discovery. 


A balanced and purposeful Entrepreneur 

Subsequently, the realisation hit: my calling was not in business, rather in having meaningful conversations with expats like me who want to re-balance their work/life ratio.

This is MY PURPOSE as a Coach: to hold a mirror in front of you so you can find the answers within!

To do this, I got certified with:

  • The NeuroLeadership Institute
  • ICF (International Caching Federation)
  • The Emotional Culture Deck

a changer

Biz to Coaching | Work-work-work to work&life.

A multi-potential

Many interests/pursuits, not just “one call” in life.



Migrated in 3 different countries…and counting!

a human being

Daughter, Auntie, Wine lover and Tango dancer.



What is Grazie Coaching

Grazie means “Thank You” in Italian. As a result, your Coaching experience will bring you gratitude for:

  • gaining clarity
  • the chance to attain your goals
  • being out of your Comfort zone and cheered
  • the learnings that, you and I, will get 

Gratitude is is the key to unlock success in various life aspects!



Coaching approach

I have been Trained to Coach based on the Neuroscience: how our brains work so results really stick.

However, my training does not replace my nature: expect being really listened to, lots of empathy and an healthy dose of humour!

Get Started

Coaching Certification ACC from ICF International Coaching Federation certified coach



Coaching Certification



Leave the past behind, the focus here is your future!


Comfort zone is cosy, but with no learning. Let’s get out and improve!


Coaching will multiply what you are good at!

big smiles

Positive outlooks on life serves us better…and are contagious!