How to set up your mornings for a successful day 🌄

If you want a better lifestyle it's important you consider your morning routine. App notifications can be big distractions.

Checking out Notifications on our mobile has become the new normal. How (dis)empowering is that?!

Towards a better lifestyle: What is the first decision you take after waking up?

Wanting a better lifestyle, I examined the decisions I take daily starting from the morning.

The first decision I am used to take is a habit that creeped without me noticing much: turning on phone notifications.

In an attempt to achieve a better lifestyle, a more sustainable and fulfilling one, I changed it to…👇

🥁 … confront myself with topics bigger than me!


Our brain makes ca. 35,000 conscious decisions (estimate).

Per Day.

But! While taking a decision, it can only hold 4-5 pieces of information in its “working memory” before becoming prone to error.

📲💣Switching on the notifications meant, literally, a bomb attack of information pieces (Social Media, Email, Messaging platforms, Updates, SMS and so on).

All while deciding whether to get up or indulge longer in bed.

That is not exactly the improved lifestyle (yes, it starts with the morning!) I aim for. My brain could not take it.

I was getting out of bed with a mild sense of helplessness for what the day had in store.

Motivation on the drop, and grumpy mood on the rise. 

Furthermore, I was not able to sustain attention for short period of time (read: 10min). I would catch myself opening Social Media and scrolling in auto-pilot throughout the day…without even paying attention to the content!
I was simply creating space for my mind to wander. A mind-wandering cry for help.

Listening to one of my favourite sources of inspiration for a better lifestyle (#timferris podcast), I stole the idea of reading small bits of philosophy.
Never been much into philosophy, yet my partner happened to have exact the right tool: a collection of stoic’s quotes divided by the 366 days of a year (#ryanholiday “The Daily Stoic”).

The quote and its brief explanation, set just the right tone to make me wonder whether I agree with that view or not.

If I don’t agree, then I ask myself: “Why is it so?”

And explore my thinking further.

Doing it first thing in the morning, leaves an imprint: I come back to the daily topic at different stages through the day (especially before going back to bed in the evening).

So, this is my work-in-progress contender for notifications.

I’d be keen to know your morning routines and what activities you believe are most empowering! How do you set up your day for success?!

If this has motivated you to re-look at your daily set-up, schedule a coaching session with me here to make it happen!



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