Your three Brains – How to decide without stress


Your recipe for deciding without stress:


  • Rational thinking
  • Emotional response
  • Instinct
  • Social influences

All of these elements mix within ourselves. 

They have a promiscuous nature, i.e. tend to blend with each other.

Hence, it can be complicated to isolate and understand each one of them.

How we take decisions in our brain, gut and heart


How can we decide without stress…like all the time?!
Firstly, let us take a look at HOW we take decisions, or better WITH WHAT.

Usually, one think of utilising the power of the Brain to reach a settlement.

Here is an interesting fact for you: you actually have 3 brains!!

What does this have to do with how to decide without stress? The concept of having Three Brains may not sound scientific at all, yet it stems from a definition well rooted in science: 

A brain is not a singular body part. It is any element of the body capable of learning.



Turns out, learning is not a function merely reserved to our heads, rather it is executed by:

Rational central – Your Brain 🧠

The head brain is responsible for observing the world: it analyzes information, applies logic, see patterns and make sense of it.

Its nature is reasoning, logical and loves detailed plans. 

Emotional central – Your Heart πŸ’›

The heart brain job is to reach out to the world: it senses the world through emotion and feelings. By generating the largest electromagnetic field in the body, it sends as many messages to the head brain as it receives.

By nature, visionary and dreamy. Home to emotions, memories and images.

Instinctual central – Your Gut πŸ’©

The gut brain is used for understanding our identity and who we are in the world. The gut brain teaches us to follow our instinct (the β€œgut feeling”). Also responsible for processing information during sleep and producing 70% of serotonin (the neurotransmitter that relays signals across the brain to help us think clearer).

It has got a direct and practical nature.

When it comes to career choices, personal development, professional dilemmas or even the simple act of deciding what’s for dinner, we embark in a complex Decision Making process involving the three Centrals.

They work together like an orchestra: billions of neurons cooperating to gather, process, store, and act upon information.
When working together perfectly, they don’t make us accomplish amazing things: healthier, happier, and more engaged us at home, at work, in life.

Learning how to take decisions that sit well in all of the 3 brains is key to a balanced and more authentic life.
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