Overworking or Overliving?!

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A reflection on balancing life and work ðŸ‘©â€ðŸ’»ðŸ’ƒðŸ»

A client who migrated to New Zealand for a high paying job, today softly dropped this 💎 gem of a reflection:

“The aftermath of my divorce made me realise the purpose in life to create myself, rather than succeeding in work.” [anonymous]

Opening up even more, he approached the 🔥hot topic of Over-Working.

Also known as Workhaolism, it apparently is about…well: work.

In reality, it’s all about life!

Let me explain this with a brilliant visual:


Diving too deep into our work seems to be connected to running from something ðŸƒâ™€ï¸(we don’t want to deal with) and living for something ðŸ‘©ðŸ’» (we may have not fully weighed the importance of).

Ring any bells for you? Below some food for thought. 

OverLife happens. How is your choice!

1️⃣ Identify what you are living for currently.  

Make a list of the activities taking up the majority of your calendar, relationships that you are prioritising, and pleasures of life you don’t want to do without.

2️⃣ Recognise which parts of your life you are avoiding.

Maybe it’s those sport activity you have been planning to do since moving New Year, or perhaps it’s the phone call to a relative you keep postponing.

3️⃣ Now ask yourself: “How do I feel about it?”

Pin-point down the emotion that arises when thinking about the avoidance bits of Step 2. If you’re at loss for words, looking up the emotion wheel will hopefully do the trick.

🏁 Final Step

Figure out the ratio between running & living. 

How much of your time and energy goes into What you’re living for? And how much into avoidance?

The aim is to find a % between the two that balances it out.



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