A Coaching Experience as Unique as You!

Why it Works

Having a Coach help us change and holding us accountable makes a real difference, as one difficulty is to simply remember to do what we know we should do.

Life Coaching is:



YOUR answers, goals and approaches: getting into action will be more motivating than someone prescribing what worked for them!!


Stretching your Thinking further

Identify your excuses and how to stop buying into them. Think outside of the box, finding solutions that works!



Achieve your Goals, get results and see how you change. Your coach will be supporting and keeping you accountable.

How it Works

A series of conversation structured in a 6-step process 👇

Usually via Zoom or Videoconference: you will be in a comfortable environment, and we won’t be distracted by anything going on around us.

The number of sessions depends on what you try to achieve and will be discussed during step 1.

Step 1 Coaching programme - Discovery session free

Chemistry session

Get to know Coaching & your Coach. 
Is it the tool you need to achieve your goals or a change? Check out if we would make a good fit!


Duration: 90minutes

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Coaching Programme Step 2 - Goal Setting

What do you want to achieve?

Settings your GOALS.

If New Years’ resolutions didn’t stick or you didn’t hit the gym on Monday after all, we’ll craft out some sticky Goals that are too enticing for you not to put the hard yards in for.

Duration: 1x session of 60min

Coaching Programme Step 3

How do you achieve it?

Working through a plan of action.
Each plan is highly individualised, so in this session you will craft a the guidelines of your Plan of Action!


Duration: 1x session of 60min

Step 4 Coaching Programme

The “Magic Happens” sessions

The juicy part of your coaching programme, where you achieve insights on:

  • What has not worked
  • How you can get results
  • Optimising your actions
  • Managing choices better
  • Productivity boosters 

Duration:  Number of sessions tailored to your needs (each 60min)

What is left to conquer?

Last sprint towards the finishing line: overcoming the last few road-blocks. 

Duration: 1x session of 60min 

Coaching session to celebrate achieving your transformation and goals


Reflecting on your journey is important as it lay the foundations for more success going forward.

Duration: 1x session of 60min 


Pay as you go

NZ $150

€ 90

  • Per session
  • Each session payable 2 days before session
  • Recap email
  • Accountability checks
  • Insight tracker


Pay in Bundle

NZ $130

€ 75

  • Per session
  • All sessions payable before programme start
  • Recap email
  • Insight tracker
  • Accountability checks


 Extended sessions of 90min

NZ $225

€ 130

  • Per session
  • 10% discount if bundle paid in advance
  • Recap email
  • Insight tracker
  • Accountability checks