A Head full of curls 👩‍🦱
your Heart filled with joy 🤩!

Embracing our hair nature is a journey of self-discovery: a chance to boost our best self!

You don’t have to do it the hard way!
My purpose is supporting the community of Curly Girls in creating and accepting our Authentic selves

The first 90 minutes are completely FREE to understand:

   – How we can make coaching work for you

   – Explore that one dilemma that’s been bothering you for long

   – Anything else you want to know about coaching!

Curly Girl reach Happiness with coaching

my clients' Journey
a curly one

I have supported clients in making the most of their transition from their “old” self to the “new” one. 

Accepting new realities and reaching a balance. 

Hear it directly from one of them 👇

From a curly companion.

Completely confidential.

A gift to truly make you thrive.

Focused on your strengths.