“This really triggered me”…understanding what makes us snap!

Understand your emotions through psychological triggers

Understand your emotions we’re told. Doh, if only it were that simple:

  • there are a ton of them!
  • what if we are emotionally “altered” ?! Angry, euphoric, sad, anxious.

To start off, you could check out the Wheel of Emotions: this tool will (hopefully!) help you nail down what and how you are feeling.

However, the wheel itself sometime is not enough. Do not despair! To achieve a quiet and calmness in your work-life structure and life abroad, here is a shortcut: identify your psychological triggers!

That is to say, acknowledge what makes you snap: being “triggered” means having an emotional reaction to a certain topic mentioned  in the media or in a social setting.

In modern terms, it has become synonyms of suddenly becoming uncomfortable with something or someone. Hence, if you cannot find words to describe how you’re feeling, take a step back: what happened to make you feel like it?

In summary, you can understand your emotions by looking at what caused them. The cause is what is called: psychological trigger. The Trigger is that very thing – aspect – tone of voice – image – smell that start all the above. 

Are you looking for an easy way to spot your triggers? Look no further!

Firstly, check out the selection of triggers on the right 👉

Secondly, pay attention to how you respond to the trigger when the occasion arises. 

Above all else, do some reflection and discuss it in a Coaching session – I am available to coach you through on this, so get in touch here!

“Whatever is triggering you, is on you” [Richie Norton]

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