How do you want to grow and craft a more exciting, meaningful future for yourself?

Life Coaching is individually tailored. One-On-One. Non-judgmental. Effective.

It helps you become a better Human, a more balanced Professional and an empowered Creator of your Life. In this very order!

Your Personal Development is maximised when you get specific on what you want for your future and how to make it happen. 
As a result of Coaching, you will enter the most useful mindset to set goals, craft strategies and routines to achieve them. You will have an empathetic, yet motivating and open-minded Coach supporting you all along!

Grazia is very knowledgeable an extraordinary professional in her field. She’s easy to talk to and her job as a Coach was fantastic. Our sessions were full of insights and enlightening ideas to apply!”

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Coaching Certification ACC from ICF International Coaching Federation certified coachCoaching Certification


The Coaching Personal Development Plan we will craft for you will be motivating, solution-focused and science-based. I am ACC level certified with the International Coaching Federation, have conducted 250+ Coaching hours and a certificate from the NeuroLeadership Institute

Coaching free Discovery session


Enjoy an obligation-free 1.5 hour coaching session to:

  • experience a practical demo
  • get a feel for how coaching can help
  • understand if we’d be a good fit working together

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Growth as a Person

A CoachingPersonal Development Plan will get you to your full potential: together, we will unlock your best version!

Work Life balance on the rise

Be at your best and enjoy a Work Life balance: get the tools to thinking your way out of every situation!

Solution Focused

Coaching does not find behaviours to fix, rather guide you to identify new habits that create improvements!

Coaching as Professional and Personal Development


Feel like you’re great at Work, but not so much as a Human Being, Partner, Mum, Auntie, Friend? 

It happens we get side-tracked from business & successes of our Work life. 
Learn to put yourself as a Person first! Re-gain your balance by crafting an Harmony between the different aspects of your life!

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A complete change of scenery? Or already relocated and trying to find your feet?

Starting over is Huge! Doing it by owning your results will help you be more successful more quickly. Explore your WHAT – HOW – WHEN in a new setting with someone who has relocated and started over in 2 countries on 2 different continents!

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 Feel there is much more that you could achieve in this lifetime? 

You know how satisfying it is to get positive results because you are a successful Business owner or Professional. Imagine how much more fulfilled you can be when these results come from your Private life too! Carve out the most authentic YOU: discover and what inspires & motivates you!

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CAREER coaching

Re-considering your professional choices? 


Changing job or career, bringing out aspirations can be tough: especially when you are gathering the courage to build your dreams!

Together we can trial out you some tools for you to take the best approach forward.

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