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How it is to working with an Online Expat Coach

Read and watch some comments from expats clients all around the world: how they found the sessions, what the key take-aways were as well as their stunning results!

One of my clients’ experience: his Coaching was so effective that he referred me onto one of his friends!


I thought you were one of the right persons to refer my friend to, because it worked for me!


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Grazia is an amazing life and career coach, her dedication and positiveness to help is truly inspiring. She is an absolute powerhouse, and an embodiment of a true leader. Her attention to detail and ability to dive deep into the root cause is absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend Grazia if you are thinking of getting a life coach. I cannot recommend her and her work enough! 

Vishwa [Relight my Fire]

Grazia is very thorough with her career coaching. She has been extraordinarily helpful in probing and guiding me with my goal. She’s a sharpshooter and helped me improve  my job hunting prospects with visible results. I got an interview invitation the day after I sent my application! I am still in the process of finding the best job fit for my experience and will continue to work with Grazia until I achieve my prized goal of landing a new job!

Marinella [Career Direction]



Grazia is very knowledgeable an extraordinary professional in her field. She’s easy to talk to and her job as a Mentor+Coach was fantastic. Our sessions were full of insights at enlightening ideas to apply.


Xio [Expat] –> hear it up here!



Grazia is helping me to figure out a career path. She is an amazing coach and a good listener. She has a strong understanding of what client’s needs and is good at coaching the client to develop their career. I strongly recommend her professional service. If you need help with career development, just give her a call or message..


Brista [Career Direction]


Your coaching session has really been helping to this day – I feel more calm about the coming weeks 😇

Happy Client

There is just a small handful of people I have met throughout my years that have made a profound impact on my life – and Grazia is definitely at the top of the list. Her expertise, professionalism, insight, guidance and empathy have not only helped me to understand what my strengths were and to have my needs clear, but also to align my professional goals to my personal ones. She gave me great tools to keep myself accountable and to ultimately create a more confident, positive mindset essential for taking my next steps in life and in my career.

I highly appreciated her firm but gentle support and the fact that she tailored the sessions to my specific needs.

Grazia is an amazing coach, an incredible person and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck and is longing for an impactful change.

Val [Relight My Fire]


Grazia is guiding me to explore my career and life alternatives that I haven’t seen before.
I’m super grateful for Grazia’s fantastic work that helped me prepare in such an effective and professional way.
If you want to get personally coached, advance your career or land your dream offer, I highly recommend you to get in touch with Grazia.


Olivia [Career Direction]


Grazia is one of the most work-passionate person I have ever met in my life, she has an incredible learning curve for me not only professionally but also personally. She is definitely a person who brings positivity to her environment and I love to work with her.


Francesco [Expat]

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