A curly Journey: transforming the outside and the inside of You!

  • New looks can trigger internal shifts
  • Internal changes can also trigger new appearances
  • Reconciling old & new habits


The way we look is an important part of our identity. In times of change, tweaking it can have the Domino effect of triggering shifts in all areas of our life: confidence, love life, identity.

My client Xio experienced this mid-way through her coaching programme with me.
Covid Lockdowns made her re-assess her life: she had sorted out her career, yet she did not feel to be as successful and content in other parts of her living (relationships in particular). 
And so, her journey to personal development began. 

Without going into Career Coaching, our conversations uncovered a key element for Xio: confidence. 
She grew secure and bold enough to get back in touch with her nature: she rediscovered herself as the bubbly, curious and think-outside-of-the-box woman she truly is. 

Amazingly, that translated into an external transformation: Xio accepted her nature of naturally Curly girl.

Hear it directly from her 👇


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